App Kurt Thune Training

  • Hello, (sorry my english)
    I'm one of the persons who has developed Kurt Thune Training App. I have been sports shooter since 1977. + Jugend Trainer in Finland last 10 years.
    My problem have been (and still is) I do not have time enough to go to shooting range as much I should. The Kurt Thune Training is developed to enable to train also
    outside of shooting range. For example I have been training with it in car when I have been waiting my son from his hobbies. With Kurt Thune Training it is easy to train every day.

    Some things to keep in mind: Always shoot good shots (quality). You need to train thousands of shots. Still you HAVE TO GO to shooting range to learn e.g. right shooting position.

    Last year I won my first Finnish LG Championship. One reason for that were every day training with KT Training.

    See introduction video from

    All comments are welcome.

  • Quite a bit expensive for a shooting "game"
    I can not recognize the reason to pay that much for this app.

    Ich halte diese App für ein überteuertes Schießspiel. (Zumindest dem verlinkten Video nach)
    Ob ich dadurch meine Hand-Auge-Koordination verbessern kann, lass ich jetzt mal so im Raum stehen.
    Aber ich für meinen Teil will doch nicht lernen wie ich 10er im "Vorbeifliegen" erwische, sondern den Anschlag so aufzubauen, dass ich ein relativ ruhiges Zielbild erhalte und dadurch saubere 10er erhalte.

    Für 1,-€ würde man sich die App vielleicht mal laden und testen/spielen aber nicht für 12€

  • Hallo,
    to my mind Kurt Thune Training is not a game because it is not designed for entertainment but to improve
    shooting results even not being at shooting range.

    As a game it is expencive but if you take as a training tool and it is realy in use I would say it is one of the most inexpencive
    training tool what I know.

    + At least on my case it has helped.

    Next week we'll download an other video which explains more about the features of the Kurt Thune Training tool.
    Naturally I'm happy to answer to the questions too.

  • Hello Finne,

    is there any other function beside the shown in video?
    I could see solely this aiming and "tap just in time" feature.
    If this is the main function, please excuse, it's not even a game and at least of all a useful training tool.

    In my opinion my main target is to setup my aiming position as still as possible and not to pull the trigger if the shooting target is crossing my sight "accidentally".

    The only right to exist is the fact that it might could improve your hand eye coordination.
    At the end of the day everybody has to decide on its own if this App is worth 12€

  • Hello Tomislav,

    naturally when we speak about training tool built in to smart phone it has some limitations compared to real
    shootig but it gives also possbilites:
    * You can train outside of shooting range. You need 5 to 10 min daily and you can shoot 50 shots where ever you are.
    * Place the phone to table or somewhere else firm place so that you can have your triggering hand on same surface. -> You activate only needed (minimum amount of) muscles/ nerves.
    * Tilt phone so that you have direct eye contat to display.
    Followthrough: KT training does not allow just "tap" on right time, but you need to have proper followthrough with your finger.
    * Adjsutable sights: On competition 2 you need to adjust sights to middle. (works same way as on airrifles)
    * On training mode you can see/ try how sight adjustment effects to hit point. (for beginners)
    * With adjustable front sight you can test what size gives you the best scores.
    * On competition modes you really need to "push" your self (concentration) if you want to score better than others. (mental training)
    * You can train concentration every day as well as see how for example stress or too short sleep effects to your results.

    All what you can train with Kurt Thune Training you can train also at shooting range but most of people has limited access/ time to be at range. Then when you are at shooting range you can concentrate, exactly as you said, rightly balanced position and triggering.