Terms of Use

Our website can be visited and used without registration. However, in order to contribute content yourself, e.g. write articles or publish pictures, you need a user account. The access data provided (user name, e-mail address and password) can be changed or deleted at any time. This also applies to optional personal data (name, disciplines, ...) and contact data (e-mail address, website, ...) of your user profile. The created content, on the other hand, will become an inseparable part of this community and will be preserved.

An important aspect of our community for sport shooters is the exchange across club, discipline and association boundaries. The different groups represented here each have their own views, experiences and requirements. We expect a friendly and respectful tone. Content that contributes little to the topic but is likely to provoke other users will therefore be removed.

Please respect the copyright of all content. For example, foreign texts and pictures may only be published with the permission of the respective author. A short paragraph of text with a reference to the source is usually legally harmless. However, it should not exceed two or three lines. Unfortunately we have to remove content with unclear or problematic copyright.

Since already the brokerage of the items subject to the weapons law requires a weapons trade permit, and we cannot check every single offer for its legal admissibility, we generally do not allow purchase requests or offers for sale.

If you discover content that you believe violates our Terms of Use or otherwise requires our attention, please notify us and do not respond to it yourself. The easiest way to do this is to use the report feature available for all content.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via conversation.