Neue Pistolenmunition von RWS: Pistol Match SR (Soft Recoil)

  • Hier meine eigene Erfahrung mit der neuen Pistolenmunition von RWS; ich hatte darüber schon anderweitig gepostet:

    I had the opportunity to buy a test pack (2x50 rounds) of this newly introduced RWS smallbore match ammo at the German championships three days ago. I fired it (rested, then also off-hand) both in a pistol (an IZH-35) and a revolver (Sauer & Sohn Target).

    Very good recoil and handling characteristics; the recoil is not "too" soft and mushy, but crisp, yet extremely well manageable, ideal for fast standard pistol series (I do not shoot rapid fire). Safe and positive cycling and ejection in the pistol. Not too much lubricant, which appears oily rather than sticky. Cases do not expand much. Overall, very well designed for the purpose.
    Drawback: the bad, nay ABYSMAL [in]accuracy out of both my guns. This ammo would not even hold the (rather large) 10-ring at 25 metres, fired from a rest. In contrast, a lot of 26-years old (!) RWS Standard produced half the group size. The ammunition batch that I tested is not suited even for the most basic county competition, if it is as inaccurate in other guns. :(

    Und ein anderer Schütze kommentierte:

    I wonder if it is their Super Pistol 250 in new boxes? They apparently have the same muzzle velocity and the Super Pistol 250 also has a rather bad grouping. At least all the pistol/lot combinations I have knowledge about.

    Michael Kuhn dagegen hatte in seiner Hämmerli 280 bessere Präzision festgestellt, wie er hier bekundet hat.

  • Die Hämmerli 280 (ich besitze 2 davon) frißt eigentlich alles, bringt mit fast jeder Munitionssorte eine gute Präzision. Die moderneren Waffen mögen da etwas zickiger sein, habe aber keine Vergleichsmöglichkeit. Wobei die Ish 35 ja auch nicht mehr die jüngste ist.....

    Wäre mal interessant zu erfahren, was die Olympioniken so verwenden. Kann es sein, daß da Lapua/SK und auch Eley bevorzugt wird?